Mark Larkham and Nolathane provide an insight into what is known in the automotive world as 'Carthritis', how you can diagnose it and what you should do.


Much like humans, a vehicles joints suffer wear and tear overtime. For the human skeleton/ chassis, the medical term osteoarthritis is the wearing of cartilage resulting in a "bone against bone" joint, reduced motion, significant pain, not to mention the negative implications for surrounding areas of the body to that joint.

In terms of a vehicle, bushings within the chassis/ skeleton and suspension play the role of ‘cartilage’, and as they wear and tear known as ‘carthritis’, the vehicle’s performance, reliability and safety can suffer. Carthritis has for decades been successfully treated using Nolathane Suspension Solutions, a polyurethane bushing that replaces worn factory bushings or joints (typically rubber).

Nolathane bushings boast the very latest in material technology matched with application engineering meaning they last longer, enhance performance and provide that ‘as new’ feeling to the vehicle.

Nolathane suspension bushings synchronize a suspension system for optimal safety, handling and performance. They are the most positive link between your vehicle's springs, struts or shocks. Nolathane's range includes replacement and enhancement bushings for control arms, radius rods, trailing arms, leaf springs, track bars, sway bars, crossmembers, steering rack and pinions, diff mounts and more.

Camber & caster alignment kits, lowering blocks, sway bar links and complete control arms fitted with Nolathane are also available.