Start with the basics at the Nolathane Academy

The primary objective of the academy is to improve the suspension category knowledge base at all levels of the industry be it mechanics, apprentices, call centres, counter and field sales, purchasing through to category management.

A big part of this initiative was the use of Mark Larkham who has proven very effective for Nolathane since coming on board as the Technical Ambassador. “Mark Larkham has done an amazing job simplifying our product and category through the short video content produced to date. We now wish to activate that content from a e-learning perspective and get all those within the industry, who deal in our products to either refresh their knowledge or bring them up to speed if new to it all” states Andrew Nolan, General Manager for Nolathane.

 The modules are short 1-2minute videos followed by a multiple choice question and answer format. “We have certainly taken on board the time pressures of the market so we have developed very short and to the point content that delivers the key information we wish those completing to retain. The first module ‘Introduction to Nolathane’ can be completed in 15 minutes, so we are not talking hours to complete” claims Andrew.

On successful completion, Nolathane proudly issue a personalized certificate that we hope becomes part of any individuals key learning  achievements.

So if you feel you could benefit from a lesson in the basics join the Nolathane Academy