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Nolathane - Front Swaybar End Link Set

Nolathane - Front Swaybar End Link Set

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SKU: REV010.1910
TYPE: Link Kit

Nolathane - Front Swaybar End Link Set

Knock, knock, knock! That's the sound you hear when your sway bar links are not doing their job. Links are a common service item due to either worn or over compliant bushings/ joints and possibly bent or snapped centre bodies. Upgrade with Nolathane links boasting heavy duty joints and uprated centre body that outlast and outperform the original equipment.

Nolathane - Front Swaybar End Link Set

Installation Guide: Download Now

Installation Time (hours): 2

Difficulty: DIY - Do It Yourself

Wheel Alignment Required? No

Nolathane - Front Swaybar End Link Set

Lubrication Guide

In the majority of applications the Nolathane bushings act as a flexible bearing and must be greased at the time of assembly.To gain optimum performance from Nolathane products take the following precautions when installing

  • Ensure all suspension parts are free from rust, scale, paint and previous rubber deposits.
  • Please use these hints along with any instructions provided when fitting Nolathane products. Vehicle manufacturers manual should be used to ensure Nolathane warranty compliance.
  • Shackle and mounting pins, control arm and spring eyes and shoulders must show no major signs of pitting or damage - any damaged components must be replaced or repaired to vehicle manufacturer’s tolerances.
  • Grease has been supplied in the kits where required and must be used to optimise bush performance and durability. Grease has been formulated from a reinforced No. 2 lithium complex base and selected additives with molybdenum disulphide for mechanical stability, extreme pressure qualities for extended life and a high melting or drop point be applied to the bores and outer flanges of all bushes and components - do not grease the outside surfaces of bushes and components.
  • NOTE: The major noise producing factor in polyurethane is incorrect fitment and uncleaned mating surfaces.

Nolathane - Front Swaybar End Link Set works with the following vehicles.

Verify fitment with your vehicle

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  • 1982 chevrolet caprice base
  • 1982 oldsmobile 98 regency
  • 1982 oldsmobile delta 88
  • 1982 pontiac bonneville base
  • 1982 pontiac grand prix
  • 1983 american motors concord
  • 1983 american motors eagle
  • 1983 buick electra estate
  • 1983 buick lesabre custom
  • 1983 buick skylark custom
  • 1983 cadillac fleetwood base
  • 1984 chevrolet caprice classic
  • 1984 pontiac fiero base
  • 1985 buick electra estate
  • 1986 buick lesabre custom
  • 1987 pontiac bonneville base
  • 1988 buick electra estate
  • 1988 buick skylark custom
  • 1988 pontiac grand prix
  • 1991 buick lesabre base
  • 1992 buick lesabre custom